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Spring Specials for Chamber Members and their employees!

Hello from the office of Dr. James Leone in Boardman, OH.    

We are writing this because we would like to extend a special offer to our fellow Chamber members, their families, and their employees. As you well know, one of the biggest costs today for almost any business is health insurance. Another major challenge for businesses is lost productivity and missed work days due to illness and chronic health conditions. The NutriMost Wellness and Weight Loss program can help with both of those.

The NutriMost program's technology is doctor-developed and the entire program is doctor-supervised. The program utilizes a proprietary software system that analyzes over 400 health conditions, allowing your body to tell us what nutritional support and the foods your body needs in order to balance body chemistry. This will put you into a very effective fat burning state. Our clients, on average, lose 25-40 pounds in 40 days. It is not just another diet, but rather a personalized plan to help improve your overall health, which includes losing excess body fat. Clients report better sleep, increased energy, digestive improvements, less pain and inflammation, and a host of other health benefits!

As an added bonus, many of our clients have gotten their weight, BMI and blood counts into better ranges, which can help with their insurance costs. Because their overall health is improved, many people also report less illness, and an improvement in chronic conditions as well. We have many patients who are able to reduce medications (with their medical doctor’s supervision).  After completing the program, we offer free, ongoing support and education to help clients continue to improve and maintain their progress.This program is about educating and enabling a lifestyle change for people who desire to feel better, look better, and have a better quality of life!

We would like to invite you to come in and hear about the program personally.  The initial consultation and health screening test ($197 value) is free for Chamber members and their family, as well as all employees and their families. Anyone who decides to do the NutriMost program will also receive $200 off the price of the full program. We have had business owners who have had their entire office do the NM Program! Call today for more information or to schedule! Please ask to speak with Dr. Leone or Dr. Berardino if you have any other questions about the program.  


James G. Leone, D.C.

NutriMost Boardman  

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